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Photo by Steve Houghton-Burnett

Golden Eagles

Golden eagle model file

Right-click the button above and select "Save link as..." to download a model file for golden eagle demography. To run the model, you will need RAMAS® Metapop or RAMAS GIS, which work with any version of the Windows operating system. You will also need to download the custom density dependence function described below.


The model file allows editing of all parameter values. You can also add more populations to look at metapopulation dynamics. RAMAS Metapop and RAMAS GIS are very useful for assessing how local impacts affect the broader population. A description of the model file's parameters can be found in:

Monzón and Friedenberg. 2018. Metrics of population status for long-lived territorial birds: a case study of golden eagle demography. Biological Conservation 220: 280-289.

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Territorial density dependence

Click the "32-bit" or "64-bit" button above to download a DLL file encoding a custom density dependence function for RAMAS Metapop or RAMAS GIS. Choose 32- or 64-bit based on your RAMAS installation. Right-click the "Readme" button and select "Save as..." to download a Readme file that contains helpful information about the use of this function. The function modifies transition rates in a matrix population model to partition adult age classes between nesting and non-territorial classes. The file is required to run the golden eagle model file described above.

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Javier Monzón went the extra mile to work with editors at the Environmental Science Journal for Teens to translate the snapshot-metric paper into a resource for STEM education. You can download and share this article, complete with colorful graphics, glossary, and follow-up questions, from the Science Journal For Kids website.

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