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  1. Environmental

    1. [BOOK] Bayesian methods for ecology

    2. A taxonomy and treatment of uncertainty for ecology and conservation biology

    3. [BOOK] Environmental modelling: An uncertain future?

    4. [BOOK] Environmental modelling: An uncertain future?

    5. Water pollution risk associated with natural gas extraction from the Marcellus Shale

    6. Amphibian decline or extinction? Current declines dwarf background extinction rate

    7. Accounting for uncertainty in marine reserve design

    8. Fuzzy environmental decision-making: applications to air pollution

    9. The currency and tempo of extinction

    10. [PDF] Can fuzzy logic bring complex environmental problems into focus?

    11. How to measure uncertainties in environmental risk assessment

    12. Treatments of uncertainty and variability in ecological risk assessment of single-species populations

    13. Estimating global arthropod species richness: refining probabilistic models using probability bounds analysis

    14. Assessment of net change of productive capacity of fish habitats: the role of uncertainty and complexity in decision making

    15. [BOOK] Management of contaminated site problems

    16. Comparison of deterministic and probabilistic calculation of ecological soil screening levels

    17. [PDF] Guidelines for using the IUCN red list categories and criteria

    18. Case Study Part 2: Probabilistic modelling of long-term effects of pesticides on individual breeding success in birds and mammals

    19. [PDF] Future climate change spells catastrophe for Blanchard's cricket frog, Acris blanchardi (Amphibia: Anura: Hylidae).

    20. Use of metapopulation models in conservation planning

    21. Climate change—An uncertainty factor in risk analysis of contaminated land

    22. Uncertainty-driven characterization of climate change effects on drought frequency using enhanced SPI

    23. Quantification of pathogens and sources of microbial indicators for QMRA in recreational waters

    24. [PDF] Quantitative ecological risk assessments for the Daly River

    25. Représentation et propagation de connaissances imprécises et incertaines: Application à l'évaluation des risques liés aux sites et sols pollués.

    26. Uncertainty quantification and integration of machine learning techniques for predicting acid rock drainage chemistry: A probability bounds approach

    27. [PDF] A proposed framework for characterising uncertainty and variability in rock mechanics and rock engineering

    28. Environmental risk assessment of acid rock drainage under uncertainty: The probability bounds and PHREEQC approach

    29. Confidence in geological interpretation: a methodology for evaluating uncertainty in common two and three-dimensional representations of subsurface geology

    30. [PDF] A Comparison of Probability Bounds Analysis and Sensitivity Analysis in Environmentally Benign Design and Manufacture

    31. A review of methods for quantifying wildlife habitat in large landscapes

    32. [HTML] Uncertainty, variability and environmental risk analysis

    33. Facilitated expert judgment of environmental risks: acquiring and analysing imprecise data

    34. Handling uncertainty in higher dimensions with potential clouds towards robust design optimization

    35. Setting cleanup targets in a probabilistic assessment

    36. [CITATION] Modeling uncertainty in population biology: How the model is written does matter

    37. Ecological risk assessment of acid rock drainage under uncertainty: The fugacity approach

    38. [CITATION] A framework for assessing the biological risks of increasing salinity in Victoria

    39. Using fuzzy intervals to represent measurement error and scientific uncertainty in endangered species classification

    40. [CITATION] Uncertainty propagation in population level salinity risk models

    41. Description and propagation of uncertainty in input parameters in environmental fate models

    42. [PDF] Hodnotenie stavu ohrozenia taxónov fauny a flóry

    43. [PDF] Monte-carlo-type techniques for processing interval uncertainty, and their geophysical and engineering applications

    44. Probability bounds analysis for nonlinear population ecology models

    45. [PDF] A bizonytalanság értékelése a földtudományokban

    46. Uncertanities and risk in geological activities and new ways of their handling

    47. Verified Uncertainty Analysis in Modeling Nonlinear Bioreactor Dynamics

    48. Assessing, Representing, and Transmitting Uncertainty in GIS: Ten Years On

    49. “AMORE” Decision Support System for probabilistic Ecological Risk Assessment-Part I: Exposure and risk assessment of the case study on cyanide

    50. Uncertain spatial reasoning of environmental risks in GIS using genetic learning algorithms

    51. [CITATION] Clouds and other uncertainty representations–How to handle incomplete information in higher dimensions

    52. Method of reliability assessment of arctic pipelines in the space of loads

    53. [PDF] Universita degli studi di Napoli


    55. Fuzzy-probabilistic calculations of evapotranspiration



    58. Representation and propagation of imprecise and uncertain knowledge: applied to risk assessments related by polluted sites and soils

    59. A decision support framework for economic evaluation of flexible strategies in pavement construction projects

    60. Representation and propagation of imprecise and uncertain knowledge: applied to risk assessments related by polluted sites and soils; Representation et propagation …

    61. Probability Bounds Analysis in Modeling Nonlinear Ecosystem Dynamics


    63. [HTML] Метод оценки достоверности количественного анализа риска на объектах нефтегазовой отрасли

  2. Health

    1. Population viability analyses in conservation planning: an overview

    2. Making consistent IUCN classifications under uncertainty

    3. [BOOK] Uncertainty in quantitative risk analysis: characterisation and methods of treatment

    4. Uncertain numbers and uncertainty in the selection of input distributions—Consequences for a probabilistic risk assessment of contaminated land

    5. Site‐specific applications of probabilistic health risk assessment: Review of the literature since 2000

    6. Analysis and portrayal of uncertainty in a food-web exposure model

    7. New statistical metliods in risk assessment by probability bounds

    8. Heterogeneous uncertainties in cholesterol management

    9. A risk assessment perspective of current practice in characterizing uncertainties in QSAR regression predictions

    10. Assessing the risk of an excess fluoride intake among Swedish children in households with private wells—expanding static single-source methods to a probabilistic …

    11. [PDF] Evaluation of risk from acts of terrorism: the adversary/defender model using belief and fuzzy sets.

    12. Estimation of interindividual pharmacokinetic variability factor for inhaled volatile organic chemicals using a probability-bounds approach

    13. Intake estimation of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins, dibenzofurans (PCDD/Fs) and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in salmon: the inclusion of uncertainty

    14. Exposure to contaminated sediments during recreational activities at a public bathing place

    15. The risk of overestimating the risk-metal leaching to groundwater near contaminated glass waste deposits and exposure via drinking water

    16. Sensitivity analysis of the pressure-based direct integrity test for membranes used in drinking water treatment

    17. [PDF] Modeling uncertainty in risk assessment using Double Monte Carlo method

    18. A Frequency/Consequence‐based Technique for Visualizing and Communicating Uncertainty and Perception of Risk


    20. Opinion of the Scientific Committee related to Uncertainties in Dietary Exposure Assessment

    21. Modelling Uncertainty in Environmental Health Impact Assessment

    22. Challenges of sustainable development: UMTP risks to ecosystem and human health

    23. A Qualitative Analysis of the Pathway Pest Risks Associated with Export of Pineapple, Ananas comosus from the Southwest Nigeria to the USA.

    24. Verified Solution of Epidemiological Models with Probabilistic Uncertainty

  3. General Engineering

    1. Constructing probability boxes and Dempster-Shafer structures

    2. Information theory

    3. [BOOK] Uncertainty modeling and analysis in engineering and the sciences

    4. [PDF] Experimental uncertainty estimation and statistics for data having interval uncertainty

    5. Arithmetic with uncertain numbers: rigorous and (often) best possible answers

    6. [BOOK] Optimization and anti-optimization of structures under uncertainty

    7. [PDF] Uncertainty and information

    8. Dependence in probabilistic modeling Dempster-Shafer theory and probability bounds analysis

    9. The value of using imprecise probabilities in engineering design

    10. Setting reliability bounds on habitat suitability indices

    11. Sensitivity analysis using probability bounding

    12. [BOOK] Computing statistics under interval and fuzzy uncertainty

    13. Exact bounds on finite populations of interval data

    14. Equivalence of methods for uncertainty propagation of real-valued random variables

    15. Statool: a tool for Distribution Envelope Determination (DEnv), an interval-based algorithm for arithmetic on random variables

    16. Towards combining probabilistic and interval uncertainty in engineering calculations: algorithms for computing statistics under interval uncertainty, and their …

    17. Representation and problem solving with distribution envelope determination (DEnv)

    18. [PDF] Probability bounds analysis in environmental risk assessment

    19. [PDF] Validation of imprecise probability models

    20. Integrating system dynamics and fuzzy logic modeling to determine concession period in BOT projects

    21. [BOOK] Sensitivity in risk analyses with uncertain numbers

    22. [PDF] Comparing Methods for Joint Objective and Subjective Uncertainty Propagation with an example in a risk assessment.

    23. Computing with words in risk assessment

    24. Interval and fuzzy analysis: A unified approach

    25. Eliminating design alternatives based on imprecise information

    26. Using Pearson correlation to improve envelopes around the distributions of functions

    27. [PDF] Bayesian methods in risk assessment

    28. Representation and calculation of economic uncertainties: Intervals, fuzzy numbers, and probabilities

    29. [PDF] Dependence in Dempster-Shafer theory and probability bounds analysis

    30. Managing the collection of information under uncertainty using information economics

    31. Monte-Carlo-type techniques for processing interval uncertainty, and their potential engineering applications

    32. Formulation for reliable analysis of structural frames

    33. On-line algorithms for computing mean and variance of interval data, and their use in intelligent systems

    34. Probabilistic bounding analysis in the quantification of margins and uncertainties

    35. A generalization of p-boxes to affine arithmetic

    36. Potential based clouds in robust design optimization

    37. [PDF] Absolute bounds on the mean of sum, product, max, and min: a probabilistic extension of interval arithmetic

    38. Exact bounds on sample variance of interval data

    39. Why risk analysis is difficult, and some thoughts on how to proceed

    40. Computer arithmetic for probability distribution variables

    41. [BOOK] Literature review of methods for representing uncertainty

    42. Statistical timing based on incomplete probabilistic descriptions of parameter uncertainty

    43. Why use one model? An approach for encompassing model uncertainty and improving best practice

    44. [PDF] Monte-Carlo-type techniques for processing interval uncertainty, and their engineering applications

    45. [PDF] Monte-Carlo-type techniques for processing interval uncertainty, and their engineering applications

    46. Managing uncertainty in engineering design using imprecise probabilities and principles of information economics

    47. Exact upper bound on the mean of the product of many random variables with known expectations

    48. Fuzzy-probabilistic calculations of water-balance uncertainty

    49. Probability bounds analysis solves the problem of incomplete specification in probabilistic risk and safety assessments

    50. Bounding the times to failure of 2-component systems

    51. [PDF] Model Validation Under Both Aleatory and Epistemic Uncertainty.

    52. [PDF] How to take into account dependence between the inputs: from interval computations to constraint-related set computations, with potential applications to …

    53. Numerical methods for propagating imprecise uncertainty

    54. [PDF] Introduction to the concepts and methods of uncertainty analysis

    55. [PDF] Autonomous robust design optimisation with potential clouds

    56. Risk of extreme and rare events: Lessons from a selection of approaches

    57. Fast algorithm for computing the upper endpoint of sample variance for interval data: case of sufficiently accurate measurements

    58. Probability bounds analysis as a general approach to sensitivity analysis in decision making under uncertainty

    59. Interval-based robust statistical techniques for non-negative convex functions, with application to timing analysis of computer chips

    60. Static analysis of programs with imprecise probabilistic inputs

    61. Probability boxes as info-gap models

    62. [PDF] Towards combining probabilistic and interval uncertainty in engineering calculations

    63. Probability-interval hybrid uncertainty analysis for structures with both aleatory and epistemic uncertainties: a review

    64. Probability bounds analysis for nonlinear dynamic process models

    65. Propagation of imprecise probabilities through black box models

    66. An interval-valued reliability model with bounded failure rates

    67. Computing best-possible bounds for the distribution of a sum of several variables is NP-hard

    68. [PDF] Probability bounds analysis is a global sensitivity analysis

    69. [PDF] Applying information economics and imprecise probabilities to data collection in design

    70. [HTML] Natural language of uncertainty: numeric hedge words

    71. [PDF] A new method of resource estimation for bauxite and other solid mineral deposits

    72. Uncertainty propagation using probabilistic affine forms and concentration of measure inequalities

    73. Fast algorithms for computing statistics under interval uncertainty: an overview

    74. Probabilistic approach to trust: ideas, algorithms, and simulations

    75. Mean and variance bounds and propagation for ill-specified random variables

    76. From interval computations to constraint-related set computations: towards faster estimation of statistics and odes under interval, p-box, and fuzzy uncertainty

    77. Empirical comparison of methods for the hierarchical propagation of hybrid uncertainty in risk assessment, in presence of dependences

    78. A verified realization of a Dempster–Shafer based fault tree analysis

    79. Bayesian probability boxes in risk assessment

    80. Inclusion of human errors assessment in failure frequency analysis—A case study for the transportation of ammonia by rail in Malaysia

    81. [PDF] Computing higher central moments for interval data

    82. [PDF] Arithmetic on Random Variables: Squeezing the Envelopes with New Joint Distribution Constraints.

    83. Bounding uncertainty analyses

    84. [PDF] Economic dispatch: applying the interval-based distribution envelope algorithm to an electric power problem

    85. New fuzzy model for risk assessment based on different types of consequences

    86. Clouds, p-boxes, fuzzy sets, and other uncertainty representations in higher dimensions

    87. [PDF] Computing variance under interval uncertainty: a new algorithm and its potential application to privacy in statistical databases

    88. Ellipsoids and ellipsoid-shaped fuzzy sets as natural multi-variate generalization of intervals and fuzzy numbers: How to elicit them from users, and how to use them in …

    89. Computationally efficient imprecise uncertainty propagation

    90. Towards adding probabilities and correlations to interval computations

    91. [BOOK] Fast algorithms for computing statistics under interval uncertainty, with applications to computer science and to electrical and computer engineering

    92. How the concept of information as average number of" yes"-" no" questions (bits) can be extended to intervals, p-boxes, and more general uncertainty

    93. [PDF] Verified Solution and Propagation of Uncertainty in Physiological Models.

    94. [PDF] Propagating uncertainty through a quadratic response surface model

    95. A framework for uncertainty modeling in operational risk

    96. Computing fuzzy trajectories for nonlinear dynamic systems

    97. [BOOK] The use of probability bounds analysis for characterising and propagating uncertainty in species sensitivity distributions

    98. [PDF] Two etudes on combining probabilistic and interval uncertainty: processing correlations and measuring loss of privacy

    99. [PDF] Propagating uncertainties in modeling nonlinear dynamic systems

    100. [PDF] Foundations of statistical processing of set-valued data: towards efficient algorithms

    101. Fitting a normal distribution to interval and fuzzy data

    102. [PDF] Application-motivated combinations of fuzzy, interval, and probability approaches, and their use in geoinformatics, bioinformatics, and engineering

    103. Integrated fuzzy framework to incorporate uncertainty in risk management

    104. Uncertainty modelling of atmospheric dispersion by stochastic response surface method under aleatory and epistemic uncertainties

    105. Unimodality, independence lead to NP-hardness of interval probability problems

    106. [BOOK] Accurately computing ecological risk under measurement uncertainty

    107. [PDF] Static analysis of numerical programs and systems

    108. [PDF] Epistemic uncertainty in agent-based modeling

    109. Estimating information amount under uncertainty: algorithmic solvability and computational complexity

    110. How to measure a degree of mismatch between probability models, p-boxes, etc.: A decision-theory-motivated utility-based approach

    111. [PDF] Sensitivity analysis in radiological risk assessment using probability bounds analysis

    112. A search algorithm for calculating validated reliability bounds

    113. [PDF] A faster algorithm for computing the sum of p-boxes

    114. [PDF] On completion times of networks of concurrent and sequential tasks

    115. Experimental uncertainty estimation and statistics for data having interval uncertainty.

    116. Towards a more realistic representation of uncertainty: An approach motivated by info-gap decision theory

    117. Why intervals? Why fuzzy numbers? Towards a new justification

    118. [PDF] An interval-based tool for verified arithmetic on random variables of unknown dependency

    119. Computing interval-valued reliability measures: application of optimal control methods

    120. Verified computation with probabilities

    121. [PDF] Interval and Fuzzy Techniques in Business-Related Computer Security: Intrusion Detection, Privacy Protection

    122. Using probability boxes to model elicited information: A case study

    123. [PDF] Mathematical aspects of unique signal assessment

    124. Towards faster estimation of statistics and odes under interval, p-box, and fuzzy uncertainty: from interval computations to rough set-related computations

    125. Sustainability Under Severe Uncertainty: A Probability-Bounds-Analysis-Based Approach

    126. [PDF] Uncertainty modeling of radiological risk using probability and possibility methods

    127. From Interval Computations to Constraint-Related Set Computations: Towards Faster Estimation of Statistics and ODEs under Interval and p-Box Uncertainty (Invited …

    128. [BOOK] The Dilemmas of Wonderland: Decisions in the Age of Innovation

    129. Models and algorithms for statistical timing and power analysis of digital integrated circuits

    130. Incorporating uncertainty in environmental models informed by imagery

    131. Étalonnage des robots à câbles: identification et qualification

    132. [CITATION] Анализ новых подходов к представлению неопределенности в данных для крупномасштабных систем

    133. On the use of intervals in scientific computing: what is the best transition from linear to quadratic approximation?

    134. Rigorous Propagation of Imprecise Probabilities in Process Models

    135. [PDF] Process Planning Method For Mask Projection Stereolithography Under Parameter Uncertainty

    136. [PDF] Static analysis of structural systems with uncertain parameters using probability-box

    137. A comparison of Bayesian techniques and non-probabilistic models in rock engineering design

    138. Probabilistic set-membership state estimator

    139. From Interval (Set) and Probabilistic Granules to Set-and-Probabilistic Granules of Higher Order

    140. Sensitivity in risk analyses with uncertain numbers.

    141. [PDF] Activity Networks and Uncertainty Quantification: 2nd order probability for solving graphs of concurrent and sequential tasks

    142. Uncertainty Arithmetic on Excel Spreadsheets: Add-In for Intervals, Probability Distributions, and Probability Boxes

    143. Expert knowledge is needed for design under uncertainty: for p-boxes, backcalculation is, in general, NP-hard

    144. Computing statistical characteristics when we know probabilities with interval or fuzzy uncertainty: computational complexity

    145. [PDF] Application-motivated combinations of fuzzy, interval, and probability approaches, with application to geoinformatics, bioinformatics, and engineering

    146. [PDF] Static Timing Analysis Based on Partial Probabilistic Description of Delay Uncertainty

    147. Adding constraints to situations when, in addition to intervals, we also have partial information about probabilities

    148. [PDF] From Interval and Probabilistic Granules to Granules of Higher Order

    149. [PDF] Adding Unimodality or Independence Makes Interval Probability Problems NP-Hard

    150. Processing quantities with heavy-tailed distribution of measurement uncertainty: how to estimate the tails of the results of data processing

    151. [PDF] The Use of Interval-related Expert Knowledge in Processing 2-D and 3-D Data: With an Emphasis on Applications to Geosciences and Biosciences

    152. [PDF] Towards Joint Use of Probabilities and Intervals in Scientific Computing: What is the Best Transition from Linear to Quadratic Approximation

    153. Risk Based Decision Making: Three Examples of Practical Application Tools

    154. [PDF] Uncertainty Quantification and Sensitivity Analysis? Some Fundamental Concepts Terminology Definitions and Relationships.

    155. 有关 IUCN 红色名录中 “地点” 参数合理应用的讨论

    156. [CITATION] DRAFT DETC2006-99237

    157. [BOOK] Imprecise uncertainties in design and decision making—Propagationand effects

    158. [CITATION] GIT Analysis of the Crushable Foam Experiment and Simulations

    159. Constructor: synthesizing information about uncertain variables.

    160. From p-boxes to p-ellipsoids: Towards an optimal representation of imprecise probabilities

    161. Computational Methods for Decision Making

    162. [CITATION] Martine Ceberio, Scott Ferson 2, Vladik Kreinovich, Sanjeev Chopra, Gang Xiang Department of Computer Science University of Texas at El Paso

    163. [BOOK] Uncertainty propagation in models for dynamic nonlinear systems: Methods and applications

    164. [PDF] Potential clouds in robust design

    165. [PDF] Fast Algorithms for Computing Statistics Under Interval and Fuzzy Uncertainty, and Their Applications

    166. [PDF] Real-Time Algorithms for Statistical Analysis of Interval Data and How They Can Be Used in Intelligent Systems

    167. [CITATION] Los Alamos, NM 87545, USA mceberio@ utep. edu, scott@ ramas. com, joslyn@ lanl. gov vladik@ utep. edu, gxiang@ utep. Edu

    168. [PDF] Simulation based uncertainty handling with polyhedral clouds

    169. [PDF] Investigating an optimal decision point for probability bounds analysis models when used to estimate remedial soil volumes under uncertainty at hazardous …

    170. 629f Propagation of Uncertainties in Nonlinear Dynamic Models

    171. [CITATION] Uncertainty, Probability and Robust Preferences

    172. Engineering Design under Imprecise Probabilities: Computational Complexity

    173. Overcoming some limitations of imprecise reliability models

    174. Combining Interval, Probabilistic, and Fuzzy Uncertainty: Foundations, Algorithms, Challenges--An Overview

    175. [CITATION] Model Validation and Predictive Capability


    177. Time-dependent reliability analysis for deteriorating structures using imprecise probability theory

    178. [PDF] On the Use of Intervals (and Probabilities) in Scientific Computing: What is the Best Transition from Linear to Quadratic Approximation?

    179. From Interval Computations to Constraint-Related Set Computations: Towards Faster Estimation of Statistics and ODEs under Interval and p-Box Uncertainty

    180. [PS] Computing Variance under Interval Uncertainty: A New Algorithm and Its Potential Application to Privacy in Statistical Databases

    181. [PDF] Selective reduction of activity time uncertainty to reduce risk of unacceptable system performance

    182. [PDF] Synthesizing Information about Uncertain Variables

    183. [BOOK] Estimating covariance under interval uncertainty in privacy-protected statistical databases

    184. Computationally Efficient Imprecise Uncertainty Propagation in Engineering Design and Decision Making

    185. [PDF] Simulated polyhedral clouds in robust optimisation


    187. Practical Research on Fuzzy Risk of Water Resources in Jinhua City, China


    189. Solution of uncertain linear systems of equations with probability-box parameters

    190. [PS] Interval and Fuzzy Techniques in Business-Related Computer Security: Intrusion Detection, Privacy Protection

    191. [PDF] How to Measure a Degree of Mismatch Between Probability Models, p-Boxes, etc.: A Decision Theory-Motivated Utility-Based Approach

    192. [PDF] Reliability and Maintenance of Structures Under Severe Uncertainty

    193. [CITATION] DETC2005-84329

    194. [PDF] Towards Combining Probabilistic and Interval Uncertainty in Engineering Calculations: Algorithms for Computing Statistics under Interval Uncertainty, and Their …

    195. [PDF] Kaj Madsen and Jerzy Wasniewski Technical University of Denmark Richard Petersens Plads, Building 321 DK-2800 Kongens Lyngby, Denmark Emails:{km, jw …

    196. A Simulation Model Validation and Calibration Platform

    197. [PDF] Projecting uncertainty through black boxes

    198. [PS] Exact Upper Bound on the Mean of the Multiple Product

    199. [PDF] Martine Ceberio1, Scott Ferson2, Vladik Kreinovich1, Sanjeev Chopra1, Gang Xiang1 1Department of Computer Science University of Texas at El Paso

    200. [PDF] Interval and p-Box Techniques for Model Validation: on the Example of the Thermal Challenge Problem

    201. [PS] Ellipsoids and Ellipsoid-Shaped Fuzzy Sets as Natural Multi-Variate Generalization of Intervals and Fuzzy Numbers: How to Elicit Them from Users, and How to …


    203. [PS] Computing Higher Central Moments for Interval Data

    204. [PDF] Sujet de stage de Master 2: Qualité de la propagation d'incertitudes dans des modèles multiphysiques Chaire “Ingénierie des Systèmes Complexes” Ecole …

    205. [PDF] Информационно-аналитический подход к обработке экономической информации на основе численного вероятностного анализа

    206. [PDF] Разработка модуля арифметических операций для работы с неопределенными данными

    207. Proposta metodológica para identificação, classificação e minimização das incertezas em estudos de riscos

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