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Desert Nature

Ilia Rochlin, Ph.D

Entomology Consultant


Ilia’s main expertise is modeling and analysis of zoonotic and vector-borne diseases and the practice of their containment and control. He has authored numerous scientific publications, some of which attained high visibility in scientific literature and were also figured prominently in mass-media outlets as significantly contributing to the understanding of vector-borne diseases. His doctoral dissertation on socioeconomic and ecological determinants of human risk for West Nile virus was selected by Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government for the case study of public health data and modeling for government decisions making process. Ilia’s article on modeling climate change and the public health implications of the exotic mosquito species was among 19 studies nominated for ecological and human health impacts collection by Plos One. A more recent study on modeling an exotic tick’s range in North America was selected for the press release by the Entomological Society of America and was widely reported by many national news outlets. Ilia’s research has been covered by national and local media such as CNN, National Geographic, New York Magazine, Yahoo News, Huffington Post, New Scientist, NewsLI, R&D Magazine, and Shelter Island Reporter among others. 

            Ilia has a life-long interest in ecological and environmental issues and has been actively involved with ecological restoration of tidal wetlands. He has led the efforts to secure multi-million federally funded grants from conceptual conception and application, through Environmental Quality Review (SEQRA, NEPA), and to implementation and analysis. In the process, Ilia has established collaborative relationships with regulatory agencies, academic institutions, and non-profit organizations and has served on numerous intergovernmental committees and task forces.

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