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Consulting Services

Data Science Consulting by Dubito Analytics

Data science consulting for a new age of data. Predictive analytics, pattern recognition, data engineering, and data cleaning. 

Research and Analysis

We offer consulting expertise in original research and data analysis across a wide range of topics, including environmental, conservation, health, and engineering problems. We provide risk analysis and predictive analytics services to a broad range of clients.

Specialized Methods Development

Our team includes specialists in statistics, probability, and uncertainty with expertise in developing analytical methods that incorporate statistical and systematic uncertainty. We can work with you to develop novel analytical methods to incorporate risk analysis and uncertainty into your research needs.

Conservation and Management

We develop practical, quantitative approaches to environmental and ecological problems, including scientific recommendations for the management of endangered species and conservation priorities. translate theoretical developments in ecology and statistics into practical methods for addressing environmental and ecological problems.

Software Development

We can develop software to meet the specialized analytical needs of corporations, scientists, and engineers, creating new software packages to incorporate advanced techniques and solutions in data analysis and modeling.


Applied Biomathematics provides training in ecological risk assessment, population viability analysis, and environmental health risk analysis. We offer customized workshops at your location, in our offices, or at professional meetings, as well as personalized training in all RAMAS software.

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