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Lev R. Ginzburg


Risk Analysis

Ecological Modeling in Risk Assessment

Pastorok, Bartell, Ferson, and Ginzburg. CRC Press, 2016.

First edition: 2001.

Google Books

Assessing Ecological Risks of Biotechnology

Ginzburg, editor. Butterworth. 2013. First edition: 1991.

Google Books

Conservation Biology with RAMAS EcoLab

Schultz, Dunham, Root, Soucy, Carroll, and Ginzburg. Sinauer Associates. 1999.

RAMAS Education

Applied Population Ecology: Principles and Computer Exercises using RAMAS EcoLab

Akçakaya, Burgman, and Ginzburg, Sinauer Associates, 1999.

RAMAS Education

Applied Population Ecology, Japanese edition

translation by Kusuda, Onoyama, and Konno. Bun-ichi Sogo Shuppan Co., 2002.

RAMAS Education

Mathematical Ecology

Nonadaptive Selection: an evolutionary source of ecological laws

Damuth and Ginzburg. University of Chicago Press, 2021 (projected).​

in preparation

How Species Interact: Altering the Standard View on Trophic Ecology

Arditi and Ginzburg. Oxford University Press, 2012.


from Science, written by R.O. Peterson

from Trends in Ecology and Evolution, written by D.L. DeAngelis

from Ecology, written by J. Fryxell

from The Quarterly Review of Biology, written by C. Krebs

from Ecological Modelling, written by C.X.J. Jensen

Oxford University Press Store

Ecological Orbits: How Planets Move and Populations Grow

Ginzburg and Colyvan. Oxford University Press, 2004.


from Science, written by Günter Wagner

from Physics Today, written by Serge Luryi

from The Quarterly Review of Biology, written by Charles J. Krebs

Oxford University Press Store

Lectures in Theoretical Population Biology

Ginzburg and Golenberg. Prentice Hall, 1984.

Google Books

Theory of Natural Selection and Population Growth

Ginzburg. Benjamin Cummings, 1983.

Google Books

The Dynamical Theory of Biological Populations

Gimelfarb, Ginzburg, et al. Nauka, 1974. (Russian)

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