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Jason O'Rawe, Ph.D

Research Director for Data Science and Human Genetics

Dr. O’Rawe has a broad background in data science, statistical algorithm development and human genetics. He has been cited over 300 times and has published over a dozen scientific articles on topics ranging from statistical algorithm development and genetics to data science. He has invented new algorithms for the statistical analysis of complex and noisy data, for natural language processing of uncertain qualitative statements, for communicating of complex risk estimates, for detecting complex genetic signals in human DNA sequence data and he discovered the molecular basis of a new genetic disorder; TAF1syndrome.


His current activities focus on developing novel machine learning algorithms to assess and predict optimal workforce-related transitions without risking adverse impact to protected groups; he is developing what has recently been called ‘accountable algorithms’. He is also an expert in applied network analysis and develops social network analysis tools to optimize business influence and to capture target markets more efficiently. Dr. O’Rawe is also heavily involved in developing large-scale human genomics analysis pipelines for the analysis of raw human sequencing data using new statistical algorithms that take better care of uncertainty when the data are noisy. 

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