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Technical software that anyone can use
For over 30 years, RAMAS software has served the needs of scientists, engineers, educators, and students, making expert tools easy to use.

New RAMAS software:

RAMAS Community
A free web application for analyzing change in the size and shape of ecological communitites.

A platform for assessing the evolutionary risk of insect resistance to Bt crops.

Version 6 of our RAMAS conservation software engine is now available.
New power for Metapop, GIS, Landscape, and Multispecies

The RAMAS library of environmental applications deliver sophisticated analyses and rapid assessments in conservation biology, ecology, pest management, and ecotoxicology.

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environmental software...
Electronic and web-based teaching materials that lead students through interactive, inquiry-based lessons in ecology and environmental science.

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educational products...
Risk Analysis
Risk and uncertainty are the central themes of all RAMAS software. Tap into our powerful, general tools for risk assessment and the communication of risk under uncertainty.

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Our software products also offer:
Detailed help, informative manuals, examples based on real data, and a range of methods to accomodate your data. Put our software to work right out of the box or add your own custom functions.